Exposing Fascism

November 2005
Police Interaction

On November 4 2005 I showed up in Brampton court to appeal the previous decision made by a Justice of the Peace in regards to $290 worth of fines I was issued as well as what transpired in the court room on January 20 2005. This is how it went...

When I showed up, I was addressed by the prosecutor about my appeal. The response I got was unexpected. In Short: She told me I was wasting my time and the decision was irreversible. I tried to explain to her what had transpired previously in court and that the police officer was making false statements, but to no avail. She just would not listen to anything I said and shot me down on every point I tried to make. She told me that if I wanted to lodge a formal complaint against the officer, I should do so through proper channels and that doing so in court wouldn't do any good.

I sat down in court very discouraged after talking to her and just decided to leave after a few minutes. I decided my next course of action was to lodge a formal complaint and my first step was calling the officer's Staff Sergeant and setting up an appointment.

The next week I was in his office going over everything that had transpired up to date. I was surprised when he stated that I had good grounds for the appeal. Why did he tell me this and not the prosecutor? Because he took the time to listen, while the prosecutor at the appeal DID NOT!

The Staff Sergeant then photo copied all my material and advised me to write a letter (which he would add to the material) explaining how I have been mistreated. He then forwarded it off to Investigators to handle it from there.

Description of the actual incident and what transpired in court
Court Transcript
November 2005 Appeal
Response from Formal Complaint
Taking Action with Questions
The Response to My Questions
Final Phone Call They REFUSE to answer my questions. Click and Save Audio File