Picture Gallery 2: More Evidence
This photo analysis is a continuation of Gallery 1. In May of 2006, the mainstream media released new footage of the Pentagon Strike - they showed no evidence of the plane in the video frames released - one frame showed an object coming into the right portion of the screen - and they claimed it was the Boeing 757. It was too small to make out what it was and with the video technology available today, they did not show the object in the middle of the screen. It should also be said that there are numerous cameras around the pentagon that would clear this "conspiracy theory" up, but the government won't show the video footage to us. On the same note, video tape was "quickly confiscated" by a nearby gas station and hotel that also had cameras aimed in the direction of the pentagon strike area.

The media downplayed all the conspiracy websites such as this one. They mention the number of photos available on the Internet and "quickly showed a few of them without examination". There was no conspiracy analyst available - it was a total one-sided affair debunking a ton of evidence being presented by some of the brightest minds on the planet.

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ITEM 2-1
Special Edition Time Magazine Animated Photo
The following photo is from a Special Edition Time magazine photo graphic issue that came out shortly after 9/11 (no actual date can be located in the magazine). Looking closly at the photo, it looks like it shows the outer 3 rings in flames and damaged. Just one of many reports by mainstream media. Also note the animated view of the plane before impact - if the "official story was true, the damage would be consistant with this animation." And the picture says "...where army brass was located." But that section was under construction and few pentagon personel were there.

ITEM 2-2
U.S. News and World Report Animated Photo
Another dedicated 9/11 magazine - the September 24 issue of U.S. News and World Report [almost 2 weeks after the event and plenty of time for the facts to be straight] also shows a revealing animation which is totally inconsistent with the actual photos of the Pentagon strike. It shows a plane coming in on an axis/angle and clearly showing 4 rings being hammered. Again, this would be consistent with the official story, but the actual damage in the photos doesn't come anywhere near this. The 3rd portion of the animation even states that the aircraft made it's "way through the office rings to the central courtyard".

ITEM 2-3
The Dimensions
Lets look at this dimensional view of where a Boeing 757 would have made impact (before outer ring collapses and inconsistent with the animations above, but matches up with the photos below as far as "trajectory is concerned"). The wings alone would have been scattered around as well as left damage in parts of the building where they would have impacted. At the speed of which the aircraft was traveling, there should be quite a bit more damage then what is seen on the face of the outer ring.

ITEM 2-4
The Pentagon Rings
This picture shows the rings of the Pentagon which have been penetrated by the object that hit it. Take a good look at this picture and ask yourself how much damage to the 2 outer rings and possibly the third, would have really been caused if a Boeing 757 actually hit it? This photo is being suppressed by mainstream media.

ITEM 2-5
Impact Trajectory
In this photo you see the Pentagon rings from another angle. A probable trajectory line of impact has been drawn as well as inset photos of the last impacted area on the third ring. Enlargements available on our FTP site. Could a Boeing 757 have done this kind of damage to all 3 rings? This photo is being suppressed by mainstream media.

ITEM 2-6
Hole in the Inner Part of 3rd Ring
This photo is more than likely the end point in which the object that hit Pentagon had reached (as shown in the previous photo). This is the inner portion of the 3rd ring that obviously shows that whatever came out or made this hole still had a driving force and a solid infrastructure (unlike the "lite" material from the nose of an aircraft).