Shanksville, PA
Another plane vanishes with little or no debris in the area of the crash site.

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ITEM 3-1
The PA Mushroom Cloud
First, we'll start with an eyewitness's photo. In this photo we see what doesn't resemble a large aircraft explosion after impact - like the 3 other incidences. Rather, this small mushroom cloud would compare to the impact of an ordnance blast.

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Shanksville Crash Site #1
The next 3 photos are all too familiar from mainstream media sources. They all show what has been described as a crater 40 feet in diameter and about 20-30 feet deep.

ITEM 3-3
Shanksville Crash Site #2
The official story is that the plane, and pretty much every piece of it, has been embedded in the ground with the tail section being about 15-25 feet below the bottom of the crater. Both Flight Recorder boxes (designed for plane crashes) just happened to be recovered near the top but are both badly damaged.

ITEM 3-4
Shanksville Crash Site #3
Shanksville Mayor Ernie Stull, one of the first to arrive at the scene, made the following comments to German documentary film makers in 2003... "There is no plane." "Nothing, Just this hole." "...when we got there, there wasn't anything."

ITEM 3-5
Shanksville Crash Site #4
For the first time in aviation history, 4 plane crashes in one day disintegrated into nothing. The first 2 being somewhat understandable, but the other 2 being pretty tough to swallow. Specifically when you look at the pictures above and try to comprehend a plane being "totally devoured" by the earth.

ITEM 3-6
A Boeing 757
Just to be clear, we are talking about the plane in this photo, which can carry over 300 passengers. Is it also not a coincidence that all 4 planes were only full to 20% capacity while pretty much every other airliner in service that day was around 80% capacity? Could terrorists control passenger flow?

ITEM 3-7
Military Aircraft or Weapons?
This photo was scanned from the September 24 2001 issue of People magazine. Look closely and identify the anomaly protruding from the belly of the plane. Have you ever seen a commercial aircraft with this specification? This plane resembles certain types of "military" aircraft.