What You Can Do...

There are a few things you can do... some effortlessly. But first it is important to understand what the real battle is that will determine our future outlook. The instrument of the war is information. The ruling few are trying to suppress it while the knowledgeable truth seeker is trying to expose it to the general population.

To someone who opens his eyes to this information for the first time, they may never believe any of it no matter how obvious the Truth is. In their minds, they cannot fathom the idea that our governments could be responsible for such atrocities. Their minds have been conditioned this way - they see the world through a corporate owned medium called television. The information within this website is centered on the Truth. Take in enough of it and then sit down and flip through the channels of your TV set - see the difference between fact and what the mass population consumes on a regular basis.

We have compiled hours of research and have filtered the facts. The majority of it is in the form of videos (data and DVD) and can be reproduced at low to no cost, but now with youtube all you have to do is forward links in emails or texts. Do your part and become an "Information Warrior" in the Age of Information.

Get Informed

  • Look around the Internet and gather information. You can use the Links we have for starters and watch the videos linked to this site and/or take it further by searching for related topis on youtube. Many of the links have links to other resources. The objective is for the new people who want to awaken to the realities of the new emerging world of tyranny and have a little history lesson on the subject. Collect names of key people you might see in the news or in your neighbourhood who sound like they may be in tune to what's going on and try to make contact. Act locally think globally!

    Spread the Information
  • The best and effortlessly way to do this locally is to just talk to people around you and see who gets interested. Tell them what is going on and refer them to some key youtube videos and/or maybe even buy a few DVDs to make copies of and hand out to people. Google local activist groups in your area and get intouch and get involved.

    Setup a Webpage
  • If you know the basics of webpage design, you can have a website up and running and submitted to the search engines in no time (look up free search engine submissions on the web - get a hotmail address to forward unwanted email to it). Add your website to the most used search engine Google at this link. This can all be done for free, look up free website hosting on the Internet and read into it. Many of the sites you come across even give tutorial help for beginners. OR setup your own youtube channel and learn how to get the most of that option by reading up on it. Link other informative sites to your site. If you have some skills in this area (web design)and can afford it, purchase a template and build from there. Make sure the company you buy from has search engine scripts built into the template to help it get exposure and then research search engine techniques. Once you have all this setup it runs on its own, effortlessly.

    Become a Truth Activist
  • Get involved in the 9/11 Truth Movement or other similar movements. Bring people together in your neighbourhood to organize and discuss these important issues and ways to get the information out. Contact other Truth Activist near you and keep up to date on upcoming events.