Canadians Exposing the North American Union

by Dana Gabriel

Two years after Canada signed into the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP), an all party parliamentary committee held public hearings on the matter. The SPP was signed by former Liberal Prime Minister Paul Martin in March 2005 and is essentially the frame work for a North American Union. NDP Trade Critic Peter Julian said, "Canadians should know that the SPP process supports a North American Union." Under Stephen Harper's Conservative government, deep integration into a NAU has been fast tracked. Through the SPP, Canadian social, economic, and security policies are being further harmonized with those of the United States.

NDP Member of Parliament Peter Julian and others have been active in trying to bring the SPP agenda to the public's attention. It is because of his efforts that The Standing Committee on International Trade held these hearings in the first place. He vowed that, "The NDP will not stop until a full parliamentary debate and review takes place." Having been critical of the NDP in the past, they have been the only major federal party to try and expose the dangers of the NAU agenda. It does appear as if the NDP has awoken from its slumber to champion this cause in Ottawa. Like many others, Julian wishes to preserve Canada's sovereignty and stated, "Canadians from coast to coast believe our country has a right to exist independently. We can play a key role both in North America and the world as a proud and sovereign nation."

The hearings saw a real difference in opinion by witnesses on just how the SPP would impact Canada. The executive vice-president of the Council of Chief Executives, David Stewart-Patterson said, "The underlying principle of the SPP is simply to encourage a common sense approach, to deal in practical ways with practical issues that can help the economies of all three countries." You have to love how he sugar coats the SPP and downplays its importance and consequences as purely economical. The truth is that its tentacles will reach out and affect practically every aspect of our lives, and not in a good way. Other witnesses viewed the SPP as the only solution for Canadian competitiveness to counter economic blocs such as the European Union. Bruce Campbell, the executive director of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, gave a dire warning when he explained, "The cumulative effect of the SPP overtime could be profound-- even more significant than NAFTA-- depending on how far or fast it goes." He believes that the whole SPP process should be more transparent, and this message was also echoed by some of its strongest proponents, who believe the government is making a big mistake by keeping this agenda secret. There needs to be a debate in parliament and the SPP must become a major issue in the next election Ultimately, it should be up to Canadians to decide their own fate.

Many Canadian cabinet ministers, bureaucrats, top military personnel, and corporate elites, along with their American counterparts, are engaging in private meetings to further advance the NAU. Members of The Canadian Council of Chief Executives are firmly behind this push for deep integration and this includes its president Tom Aquino and former Liberal deputy prime minister John Manley. Those in past and present governments have been busy selling out Canada's sovereignty for a long time. The current government doesn't have the guts to tell the public what they are really doing because they know that the NAU will be very unpopular with the majority of Canadians. That is why they are silent on this issue and why these working groups are conducting their business behind closed doors. It is up to us to further expose the NAU and force it into the mainstream.

Although Harper did not sign the SPP, his government is carrying on with the agenda of further merging Canada into a NAU. The leader of the official opposition Liberal Stephane Dion has also been silent on this issue. This has left the NDP along with some fringe parties to make this plan known. In further exposing this agenda Peter Julian said, "we need to engage the SPP at all levels; we need to be there when discussions are being held and I believe that we can, as activists, shift the debate from the corporate agenda of more privatization, fewer regulations and protections for working families and a cheap imitation of American policy to shifting that debate toward a fair trade policy which respects the peoples of Canada, Mexico and the U.S. and work towards a fair trade model that can provide leadership to the rest of the world." Just as most American journalists and pundits have been silent and complacent on the reporting of the NAU, so has the Canadian mainstream media. Thanks to some in the alternative media, more people are waking up to the reality of a NAU and are educating others.

Connie Fogal, the leader of the Canadian Action Party (CAP), has been very vocal in her opposition to the NAU. Her party currently has no seats in the House of Commons, but Canadians who are truly concerned about preserving their sovereignty might turn to CAP as an alternative. In her Corporate North American Union video presentation she states of the NAU, "This is not a project under discussion. This is not a matter people are sitting around negotiating, as to whether or not it's to be done. The integration of Canada , the United States , and Mexico is currently happening. It's in process and on track according to the language of the people who are doing this." I strongly encourage everyone to watch this video on You Tube or Google video and pass it on. It is very powerful, and Fogal is definitely on the front lines, fighting the NAU in Canada.

What is at stake is Canada's unique identity, its health-care system, its agricultural industry, its oil and drinking water, along with other natural resources. In addition to the environment also at risk is Canada's sovereignty, and its security. Hopefully these hearings on the SPP are just the beginning and will lead to full parliamentary debates in the House of Commons. Canadians could very well play a major role in derailing and defeating the North American Union.

CAP leader Connie Fogal video on NAU.

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