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911 Mysteries Part 1: Demolitions 9/11 Mysteries: Part 1 Demolitions 90 minutes of pure demolition evidence and analysis, laced with staggering witness testimonials. Moving from "the myth" through "the analysis" and into "the players," careful deconstruction of the official story set right alongside clean, clear science. The 9/11 picture is not one of politics or nationalism or loyalty, but one of strict and simple physics. How do you get a 10-second 110-story pancake collapse?
9/11 Loose Change 2nd Edition Loose Change This film analyzes footage from 9/11 as well as exposes the fake bin Laden tape, firemen interviews and firemen recordings quoting bombs going off in the towers, the PA crash and much more.
9/11 In Plane Site 9/11: In Plane Site Like Loose Change, we have Video and Graphic Evidence of 9/11 Cover Up - analyzed and unseen footage of September 11 2001 should raise serious questions about this day.
9/11 and the American Empire 9/11 and the American Empire [As seen on C-Span] Over 1-hour of the highlights from a speech by David Ray Griffin, Professor and author of The New Pearl Harbor. Excerpts from Mr. Griffin's speech given at University of Wisconsin in Madison on April 18, 2005, plus over 170 added graphics and video clips. Addressed to religious people who take their religion's moral principles seriously. 83 minutes.
911 Press for Truth 9/11 Press for Truth Following the attacks of September 11th, a small group of grieving families waged a tenacious battle against those who sought to bury the truth about the event—including, to their amazement, President Bush. In ‘9/11 PRESS FOR TRUTH’, six of them, including three of the famous “Jersey Girls”, tell for the first time the powerful story of how they took on the greatest powers in Washington—and won!—compelling an investigation, only to subsequently watch the 9/11 Commission fail in answering most of their questions.
911 Eyewitness 9/11 Eyewitness Can we now look the "evil doers" squarely in the eye and demand the return of our constitutional freedoms? Internet webcasting pioneer Richard A Siegel, of OnlineTV fame, captured both of the World Trade Towers collapsing and a lot more. See the raw footage and listen to Rick's eyewitness testimony of the daring helicopter rescue on the roof of the south tower, WTC2, only moments before it collapsed into "a pile of dust." For the first time, see and hear the massive explosions at the base of the towers causing clouds of dust to rise up from street level before each tower fell. Prepare yourself for the shocking reality of raw digital video that was removed from the internet when all the OnlineTV computers were seized. Despite legal attempts to recover them, they remain locked away to this day...
The Great Conspiracy The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw The Great Conspiracy The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw is a 70-minute sequel to The Great Deception, the ground-breaking 44-minute video by Barrie Zwicker, the first mainstream journalist in the world to ask hard questions, in early 2002, about the official story of the events of 9/11. In The Great Conspiracy, Zwicker analyses the use of fear to befuddle the public, and deconstructs the so-called "war on terrorism" as a public control mechanism. He then examines in depth the failure of the military to function on 9/11 and the entirely inappropriate behavior of the president and his aides that day. Finally, the resistance of the White House to any proper investigation, the extreme taintedness of the 9/11 commission and its drastic underperformance are examined. Throughout, the compliance and complicity of the mainstream media in maintaining a trance of ignorance is addressed. And the responsibility of each thinking citizen emphasized at the end.
Painful Deceptions Painful Deceptions Discussion of Flight 77, The World Trade Center Towers and Building 7 -- a detailed look at the facts surrounding the events 9/11. Well documented.
September 11 Revisited September 11 Revisited The serious questions surrounding 9/11 that are being asked by family members and victims have gone unmentioned by the mainstream media for the last 4+ years, and the growing number of respectable scholars, government officials, and family members demanding answers is continually growing. See the evidence for yourself. 1hr.
Celsius 9/11 Celsius 9/11 Alarming facts are presented during the International Citizens' Inquiry into the events of 9/11. You will learn how the official 9/11 Commission report was little more than a white wash! "We are being anesthetized by the mainstream media. This got my temperature rising faster than a skyscraper in free fall. Unlike Michael Moore's soft attempt, this does not hold back. Absolutely stimulating!" - Professor Denis Rancourt, University of Ottawa.
Perspective on 9/11 Perspective on 9/11 Explores 9/11 in a historical context with excerpts from ten videos that discuss events of/or related to September 11 2001 in certain ways.
Aftermath: Unanswered questions about 911 Aftermath: Unanswered questions about 911 11 questions regarding September 11 2001 that need answering. Hear from outspoken sources the media won't go near: Victims' Lawyer; a Political Activist; an ExCop turned Media Investigator; a Constitutional Lawyer; an ExCIA Analyst; and more.
Truth and lies of 911 Truth and lies of 911 Two-hour seminar laying out investigated facts about September 11 2001 and numerous other government activities. Mike Ruppert is an Ex LA Police officer who was forced off the force trying to get evidence that implicates the CIA has been moving tons of cocaine into the country while large shipments of guns went the other way.
Hijacking Catastrophy Hijacking Catastrophy 9/11, Fear & the Selling of American Empire examines how a radical fringe of the Republican Party used the trauma of the 9/11 terror attacks to advance a pre-existing agenda to radically transform American foreign policy while rolling back civil liberties and social programs at home. "Gripping ... Sober yet ultimately uplifting." -San Francisco Chronicle.
9/11 Citizens' Commission:An Open Inquiry into the Attacks of September 11th 9/11 Citizens' Commission: An Open Inquiry into the Attacks of September 11th Footage of the hearing held in New York, New York on September 9, 2004. 6 hours and 15 minutes.
9/11 The Great Illusion 9/11 The Great Illusion 60 objective facts, worthy questions and valuable insights that will make even the skeptics realize that 9/11 was orchestrated and carried out by the Power Elite within our own Government.
Fahrenheit 9/11 Fahrenheit 9/11 by Michael Moore. Michael Moore paid lawyers to confirm his facts to avoid any legal actions against himself. The facts are there and if they were false, the Bush Dynasty would have ruined Michael Moore. Legal action would only expose the the Truth on a higher level. Although Micheal's 9/11 film is a "soft attempt" at revealing 9/11 facts, his film still contains good content.


The Money Masters The Money Masters A non-fiction, historical documentary that traces the origins of the political power structure that rules our nation and the world today. With the formation of the privately-owned Bank of England in 1694, the yoke of economic slavery to a privately-owned "central" bank was first forced upon the backs of an entire nation, not removed but only made heavier with the passing of the three centuries to our day. Nation after nation, including America, has fallen prey to this cabal of international central bankers.
Masters of the Universe Masters of the Universe Was there a takeover of the United States by international bankers? In this DVD you will visit the scene of a crime so perfect that, for thirty years, no one knew it had even taken place. Join us as we investigate the birth of a criminal conspiracy to rob each and every bank vault in America, all at the same time. This is the true behind-the-scenes story of the birth of the United States Federal Reserve.
Monopoly Men Monopoly Men During the Wilson presidency, the U.S. government sanctioned the creation of the Federal Reserve. Thought by many to be a government organization maintained to provide financial accountability in the event of a domestic depression, the actual business of the FED is shrouded in secrecy. (From the TV show Phenomenom: The Lost Archives available on DVD. This film is almost identical to "Masters of the Universe" - almost word for word.)


America: Freedom to Fascism America: Freedom to Fascism Determined to find the law that requires Americans to pay income tax, Aaron Russo (THE ROSE, TRADING PLACES) sets out on a journey. Neither left- nor right-wing, this startling examination exposes the systematic erosion of civil liberties in America. Through interviews with US Congressmen, a former IRS Commissioner, former IRS and FBI agents, tax attorneys and authors, Russo connects the dots between money creation, federal income tax, voter fraud, the national identity card (becoming law in May 2008) and the implementation of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to track citizens. A striking case about the evolving police state in America.
Unconstitutional: The War on our Civil Liberties Unconstitutional: The War on our Civil Liberties This film should be required viewing for all Americans, Unconstitutional explicitly reveals how the USA Patriot Act violates numerous civil liberties guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.
Liberty Bound Liberty Bound Through original footage, archived footage, and interviews with people such as Howard Zinn, Michael Parenti, and Michael Ruppert, Liberty Bound explores the state of the union and its ostensible move toward fascism. Liberty Bound also explores the unanswered questions surrounding the attacks of 9/11, and takes a closer look at the timeline of that terrible day.
Invisible Ballots Invisible Ballots Governments are installing computerized voting systems with no paper record to verify accuracy. Elections will be controlled by companies that do not allow voters to inspect their software. If vote counting becomes privatized, there may be no way to get it back. High-tech vote fraud is already a reality. If you value your vote, you absolutely must get this information to your friends – and fast!
Invisible Ballots The Road to Tyranny 911 The Road To Tyranny exposes: How dozens of FBI and Defense Iintelligence Agents were threatened with arrest by the Federal Government if they got in the way of Al-Qaeda operations; How the CIA trained, funded and protected Bin Laden; Why the USA Patriot Act is un-Constitutional and un-American; How the bloodthirsty globalists are using the terrorist attacks to scare the population into accepting high-tech slavery and a New World Order police state; and much more. Hard hitting facts brought to you by Alex Jones.
Invisible Ballots Martial Law: 9/11 Rise of the Police State exposes the high-tech control grid that is being set up across America. From the frontlines of the Police State to the darkest sanctum of the secret society that controls it, Martial Law reveals the master plan of a group hell-bent on capturing America today -- and tomorrow the world. Hard hitting facts brought to you by Alex Jones.


What I Learned About US Foreign Policy What I Learned About US Foreign Policy This 10 segment video compilation is an excellent and invaluable educational tool that reveals the true nature of U.S. foreign policy. It's been seen in many classrooms, churches, home screenings, on cable TV and shown by many Peace and Justice organizations. People such as Howard Zinn, S. Brian Willson, Blase Bonpane, Michael Parenti, Oliver Stone, Father Roy Bourgeois, Ramsey Clark, Ed Asner, Casey Kasem, Susan Sarandon, Chalmers Johnson and many others have seen this video and find it very informative and empowering!
Uncovered: The Whole Truth about the Iraq War Uncovered: The Whole Truth about the Iraq War In his documentary feature, UNCOVERED: The War on Iraq, filmmaker Robert Greenwald chronicles the Bush Administration's determined quest to invade Iraq following the events of September 11, 2001. The film deconstructs the administration's case for war through interviews with U.S intelligence and defense officials, foreign service experts, and U.N. weapons inspectors -- including a former CIA director, a former ambassador to Saudi Arabia and even President Bush's Secretary of the Army. Their analyses and conclusions are sobering, and often disturbing, regardless of one's political affiliations.
Hidden Wars of Desert Storm Hidden Wars of Desert Storm Was this invasion a surprise? Were all peaceful diplomatic means utilized? Was there any real threat to Saudi Arabia? Who does the Iraqi embargo hurt? Why did the war end abrubtly? What is Gulf War Syndrome?
Plan Columbia: Cashing in on the Failed Drug War Plan Columbia: Cashing in on the Failed Drug War This video sheds light on the complex issues of drug-trafficking and civil struggle in Colombia and the impact of both the current chemical-spray program carried out by the U.S. Defense-contractor Dyncorps and the multi-billion-dollar aid package delivered to the brutal Colombian military. Additional insights are provided on the significant factor oil has become in the Colombian equation, a country with the same oil potential as Venezuela, today the second largest oil supplier to the U.S..
Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election Narrated by Peter Coyote, this 50-minute film examines the controversial occurrences in Florida during the 2000 presidential election leading up to the eventual administration of George W. Bush. The filmmakers examine what went wrong before, during, and after the disputed election decision.
Bush Family Fortunes: The Best Democracy Money Can Buy Bush Family Fortunes: The Best Democracy Money Can Buy BBC reporter Greg Palast on the Bush Family’s wealth and connections. He has also reported for the UK’s Guardian and Observer newspapers.
In Search of America’s Drug Lords In Search of America’s Drug Lords looks at tough questions ,like 'could the assassinations and scandals that rocked America in the 60's and 70's have been perpetrated by the same people who caused the cocaine epidemic that swept the nation in the 80's?' See the results of a three year investigation into the life and times of one of the most famous CIA agents and successful drug smuggler's in American history, Barry Seal.
Arsenal of Hypocrisy Arsenal of Hypocrisy The glory days of NASA are over! Today the Military Industrial Complex is marching towards world dominance through Space technology on behalf of global corporate interest. To understand how and why the space program will be used to fight all future wars on earth from space, it's important to understand how the public has been misled about the origins and true purpose of the Space Program.
Hidden in Plain Sight Hidden in Plain Sight Demonstrators denounce the School of Americas in Fort Benning, Georgia as a "School of Assassins," but Army officials argue that the school has played a crucial role in bringing democracy and stability to Latin America. On this issue, the U.S. Congress is sharply divided. Enter noted scholars Noam Chomsky, Eduardo Galeano, Christopher Hitchens, and Michael Parenti, who broaden the debate to include such subjects as militarism, globalization, national security, and international terrorism. Personal accounts from victims of the violence and repression in Latin America raise questions and concerns about the true aims of U.S. foreign policy.
Distorted Morality Distorted Morality The hypocrisy of the U.S. government is powerfully scrutinized in Distorted Morality, a scathing thesis presented by renowned scholar Noam Chomsky. He defines acts of terrorism by using factual events and compares them to atrocities the US Government is guilty of. Speaking before an intimate audience at Harvard University on February 6, 2002.


The Corporation The Corporation A must see film. Number 1 download from my peer to peer server. This documentary aims at nothing less than a full-scale “psychological” examination of the most dominant institution on the planet Earth in our lifetime.
Iraq For Sale: The War Profiteeers Iraq For Sale: The War Profiteeers is the story of what happens to everyday Americans when corporations go to war.Robert Greenwald (Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price, Outfoxed and UnConstitutional) takes you inside the lives of soldiers, truck drivers, widows and children who have been changed forever as a result of corporate greed in the reconstruction of Iraq. Iraq For Sale uncovers the connections between private contractors making a killing in Iraq and the decision makers who allow them to do so.This is the story no one has yet dared to tell, outlining a disturbing pattern of abuse and mismanagement by the Department of Defense and private security companies. It is the full story of violations, wrongdoings, and immortality of the policy-makers, corporations, and government officials involved; this is the tip of the iceberg of a major political scandal.
Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price Wal-Mart has become one of America’s most successful retail chains by offering everyday goods at low prices for working families. But just how is Wal-Mart able to charge less than many of their rivals, and what has their success done for their employees? Documentary filmmaker Robert Greenwald takes a look inside the discount retailer’s empire.
Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room details the shocking inside story of one of history's greatest business scandals. Unimaginable personal excesses, and an utter moral vacuum that posed as corporate philosophy, led to top executives of America's seventh largest corporation walking away with over one billion dollars while investors and employees lost everything.
Genetically Modified Food Genetically Modified Food In the last thirty years global demand for food has doubled. In a race to feed the planet, scientists have discovered how to manipulate DNA, the blueprint of life, and produce what they claim are stronger, more disease-resistant crops. However, fears that Genetically Modified Food may not be safe for humans or the environment has sparked violent protest. Are we participating in a dangerous global nutritional experiment?
Super Size Me Super Size Me The film explores the horror of school lunch programs, declining health and physical education classes, food addictions and the extreme measures people take to lose weight and regain their health. Super Size Me is a satirical jab in the stomach, overstuffed with fat and facts about the billion-dollar industry besieged by doctors, lawyers and nutritionists alike. "Would you like fries with that?" will never sound the same!


Orwell Rolls in his Grave Orwell Rolls in his Grave View website here. A must see film about the media. Twelve years ago 50 corporations ran the media, today there are only 6. Are the media conglomerates interested in the Truth or making money? Has television become a Weapon of Mass Distraction?
Outfoxed Outfoxed "Fair and balanced"??? How about anything BUT?!?! For the first time ever, this documentary reveals the secrets of Former Fox news producers, reporters, bookers and writers who expose what it's like to work for Fox News. These former Fox employees talk about how they were forced to push a "right-wing" point of view or risk their jobs.
Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky on the Media Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky on the Media The Canadian documentary Manufacturing Consent presents a lengthy, detailed look at the political beliefs of celebrated intellectual Noam Chomsky. In so doing, the directors also raise the meaty and contentious issue of mass-media influence in a democratic society. The film is effective at exploring these issues. But most important, Manufacturing Consent makes clear to even a detached viewer why Chomsky is one of the most important and influential thinkers of the last half-century, and why his ideas matter.
Constructing Public Opinion Constructing Public Opinion Addressing vital issues (e.g., the role the media play in "manufacturing consent" for political elites, what polls really tell us about public opinion, what Americans actually think about politics), Constructing Public Opinion provides a new way to think about the relationship between politics, media and the public. The media regularly use public opinion polls in their reporting of important news stories. But how exactly do they report them and to what end? In this insightful and accessible interview, Professor Justin Lewis demonstrates the way in which polling data are themselves used by the media to not just reflect what Americans think but instead to construct public opinion itself.
TOXIC SLUDGE Is Good For You While TOXIC SLUDGE Is Good For You While While advertising is the visible component of the corporate system, perhaps even more important and pervasive is its invisible partner, the public relations industry. This video illuminates this hidden sphere of our culture and examines the way in which the management of 'the public mind' has become central to how our democracy is controlled by political and economic elites. Toxic Sludge Is Good For You illustrates how much of what we think of as independent, unbiased news and information has its origins in the boardrooms of the public relations companies.
Weapons of Mass Deception Weapons of Mass Deception By Danny Schechter, a Nieman Fellow in Journalism at Harvard University, and former radio news director turned CNN and Emmy Award winning ABC News Producer and now an award-winning independent investigative journalist and filmmaker as well as an outspoken author. This 100 minute non-fiction film, explores the way the media distorted the news from Iraq, with the findings of a gutsy, media insider-turned-outsider, former network journalist, Danny Schechter, who is one of America's most prolific media critics. Schechter says he "self-embedded" himself in his living room to monitor media coverage, by fastidiously tracking the TV coverage on a daily basis.


End of Suburbia End of Suburbia With brutal honesty and a touch of irony, The End of Suburbia explores the American Way of Life and its prospects as the planet approaches a critical era, as global demand for fossil fuels begins to outstrip supply. World Oil Peak and the inevitable decline of fossil fuels are upon us now, some scientists and policy makers argue in this documentary. The consequences of inaction in the face of this global crisis are enormous.
Powerdown Powerdown By Richard Heinberg. Powerdown is the only sane response to the world's increasingly grave problems of energy depletion, environmental degradation, and over-population. If the US continues with current policies, the next decades will be marked by war, economic collapse, and environmental catastrophe. Resource depletion and population pressures are about to catch up with us, and no one is prepared. The political élites, especially in the US, are incapable of dealing with the situation, and have in mind a punishing game of 'Last One Standing.'
The Oil Factor The Oil Factor This DVD examines the link between oil interests and current U.S. military interventions. Includes original footage shot over a four-month period in Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan as well as many interviews with a large array of personalities including Bush administration officials. "The Oil Factor" makes a clear assessment of today's global oil situation with sky-rocketing consumption and declining production.
Who Killed the Electric Car? Who Killed the Electric Car? It was among the fastest, most efficient production cars ever built. It ran on electricity, produced no emissions and catapulted American technology to the forefront of the automotive industry. The lucky few who drove it never wanted to give it up. So why did General Motors crush its fleet of EV1 electric vehicles in the Arizona desert? Who Killed The Electric Car? chronicles the life and mysterious death of the GM EV1, examining its cultural and economic ripple effects and how they reverberated through the halls of government and big business. It was a revolutionary modern car, requiring no gas, no oil changes, no mufflers, and rare brake maintenance (a billion-dollar industry unto itself). A typical maintenance checkup for the EV1 consisted of replenishing the windshield washer fluid and a tire rotation. But the fanfare surrounding the EV1’s launch disappeared and the cars followed. Was it lack of consumer demand as carmakers claimed, or were other persuasive forces at work?
Oil, Smoke & Mirrors Oil, Smoke & Mirrors offers a bleaker view of present global circumstances than many of us would dare consider. It deals with issues that are largely marginalised, if not ignored, in the discourse of mainstream media and politics. However, as the film argues, it may well be that mediated political culture itself which, by sidelining some of the most challenging questions of historical truth in our time, poses the gravest threat to our future.
Kilowatt Ours Kilowatt Ours Did you know that by recycling a single aluminum can we conserve enough energy to power a regular TV for a whole hour? Did you know that if every home in America used just one energy efficient light bulb that we would instantly cut greenhouse gas emissions by 1 trillion pounds per year? Kilowatt Ours is an inspirational and enlivening film that demonstrates how easy it is to conserve energy that is produced from traditional sources as well as the many ways the average consumer can easily become part of the renewable energy revolution. The film reveals the connection between personal choices and energy use and introduces us to individuals, businesses, schools and universities who have cut their energy use in half by taking simple steps that benefit the consumer, the environment and the economy. Best of all, Kilowatt Ours will teach you how to dramatically reduce yuor own energy bill!
Peak Oil Peak Oil In the film Dr.Colin Campbell, the "anchorman" of the film, takes us to Stavanger in Norway where he worked the last 10 years of his professional career. He explains the aspects of discovery and subsequent production, the increase and the decline, and the fact that this will happen to the world as a whole very soon. Richard Webb is a financial risk analyst with broad experience from some of the world’s largest investment banks. He expresses his opinion about signs that the market is reaching an extremity, and that this tends to endorse what Colin Campbell and the ASPO are saying; that we are near the peak. Webb underlines the importance to understand that the dramatic event is not when we will run out of oil, but rather what will happen when there is less tomorrow than there is today. Norwegian petroleum geologist Olve Torvanger has 30 years of world wide experience in seismic surveys, searching for oil. He points to the seriousness of a situation in which our tools become ever more sophisticated, but we are finding less and less.
An Inconvenient Truth An Inconvenient Truth Humanity is sitting on a ticking time bomb. If the vast majority of the world's scientists are right, we have just ten years to avert a major catastrophe that could send our entire planet into a tail-spin of epic destruction involving extreme weather, floods, droughts, epidemics and killer heat waves beyond anything we have ever experienced. If that sounds like a recipe for serious gloom and doom -- think again. An Inconvenient Truth offers a passionate and inspirational look at one man's fervent crusade to halt global warming's deadly progress in its tracks by exposing the myths and misconceptions that surround it. That man is former Vice President Al Gore, who re-set the course of his life to focus on a last-ditch, all-out effort to help save the planet from irrevocable change. In this eye-opening and poignant portrait of Gore and his "traveling global warming show," Gore also proves himself to be one of the most misunderstood characters in modern American public life. Here he is seen as never before in the media - funny, engaging, open and downright on fire about getting the surprisingly stirring truth about what he calls our "planetary emergency" out to ordinary citizens before it's too late. With 2005, the worst storm season ever experienced in America just behind us, it seems we may be reaching a tipping point - and Gore pulls no punches in explaining the dire situation. Interspersed with the bracing facts and future predictions is the story of Gore's personal journey: from an idealistic college student who first saw a massive environmental crisis looming; to a young Senator facing a harrowing family tragedy that altered his perspective, to the man who almost became President but instead returned to the most important cause of his life - convinced that there is still time to make a difference.


Oklahoma City: What Really Happened? Oklahoma City: What Really Happened? Representative Charles Key takes a look at major issues regarding the cover up by the FBI and Justice Department. Including: Eyewitnesses, Other Bombs found and Prior Knowledge.
Cover Up in Oklahoma Cover Up in Oklahoma Compilation of live news footage and public news accounts by experts and public officials in the first hours after the OKC Bombing.


H.A.A.R.P – Holes in Heaven? H.A.A.R.P – Holes in Heaven? High-Frequency Active Aural Research Project or H.A.A.R.P. is the scariest technological project you will learn about. From the TV show Phenomenon: The Lost Archives. Also on the DVD is American Midnight A cover-up of the murder of two teens and the drugs coming into the USA.
When Healing Becomes A Crime. When Healing Becomes A Crime. A cure for cancer! A wrenching documentary about Harry Hoxsey whose great grand-father's herbal cancer "cure" was credited with saving thousands of lives at his clinics across the United States until government medical authorities shut him down in the '50s (at one point he had 17 clinics across the US). Hoxsey's work continues in exile in Mexico, and claims a success rate of 80%.
Chemtrails the Video Chemtrails the Video. There is an unusual phenomenon occurring in the skies above America, and around the world, that is being ignored by the mainstream media. People across the country are noticing planes crossing back and forth in the sky, leaving in their wake a trail of vapor that does not evaporate. These are not your normal commercial airlines following a preordained path from city to city. These mysterious, unmarked planes leave smoke-like trails behind them that spread until, by the afternoon, they have blossomed and grown until the skies have become overcast. Officials from the Air Traffic Control, the EPA, and the Air Force will not respond to questions regarding this phenomenon.
Technologies of the 21st Century Technologies of the 21st Century. Technologies that will transform our lives are advancing rapidly and raising serious questions about privacy, safety and their proper uses. Military planners and others are attempting to use these breakthroughs to create a more directed and controlled society while ignoring the positive applications of many of these new discoveries..
Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World. A close examination into what many consider to be a "hoax": aspartame toxicity. In a journey through interviews with various doctors, lawyers, activists and victims, narrator Cori Brackett discovers symptoms to a much larger problem: Our institutions designed to protect the public from harmful substances have failed us, and how powerful corporations are influencing these once trusted institutions.


V for Vendetta V for Vendetta. Who is the man who hides his face behind a mask? Hero or madman? Liberator or oppressor? Who is V - and who will join him in his daring plot to destroy the totalitarian regime that dominates his nation? From the creators of the Matrix trilogy comes V for Vendetta, and arresting and uncompromising vision of the future based on the powerfully subversive graphic novel. Natalie Portman stars as Evey, a working-class girl who must determine if her hero has become the very menace he's fighting against. Hugo Weaving plays V - a bold, charismatic freedom fighter driven to exact revenge on those who disfigured him.And Stephen Rea portrays the detective leading a desperate quest to capture V before he ignites a revolution. The stakes rise. The tension electrifies. The action explodes. Whose side are you on? In V's world, there is no middle ground. Other then the Guy Fawkes portion of the story (google Guy Fawkes), the film is a fictional view of the future... or is it?
JFK JFK "I hope people everywhere will see this movie and make up there own minds. JFK is our alternative myth to the Warren Commission myth, an opportunity for people to rethink history. I hope they become more aware of how politics are played out and how kings are killed. And I hope the film inspires them to be politically active, determined to shape a better future, to improve upon the past. These are my fondest wishes." ~ Oliver Stone, Director of JFK ~
Beyond JFK A Question of Conspiracy. Beyond JFK A Question of Conspiracy. Based on the Motion Picture JFK. Using newsreel and interview footage, this compelling companion piece to JFK presents many of the true-life people portrayed in the film by Kevin Costner, Tommy Lee Jones, John Candy, Kevin Bacon and others -- and it does more. Eyewitnesses to the tragic events of November 22, 1963 reveal astonishing testimony. Supporters of the Warren Commission's findings provide counterpoint throughout the program. And details of the world-shattering investigation by New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison are set out with step-by-step clarity.
Malcolm X Malcolm X. Biography of Malcolm X, the famous African American leader. Born Malcolm Little, his father (a minister) was killed by the Ku Klux Klan. He became a gangster, and while in jail discovered the Nation of Islam writings of Elijah Muhammad. He preaches the teachings when let out of jail, but later on goes on a pilgrimage to the city of Mecca, there he converts to the original Islamic religion and becomes a Sunni Muslim. He changes his name to El-Hajj Malik Al-Shabazz and stops his anti-white teachings, as he realizes the error of his mistakes. He is later on assassinated and dies a Muslim Martyr.
The Insider The Insider. True story (although some typical hollywood added drama) about the show 60 Minutes and a story they did on the tobacco industry. Big money almost killed it, not to mention the source.
Enemy of the State Enemy of the State. Have a look at how technology can be used against you. Robert Dean is just a successful and gutsy labor lawyer when he runs into an old college friend who was a big hurry. Unknown to him, that friend secretly drops a disc and viewer containing footage of a political assassination overseen by the senior advisor to the National Security Agency. Unfortunately, that politician soon learns what Dean has in his possession and secretly uses the vast resources of the NSA to find, investigate and stop him before he goes public. Soon, Dean finds himself on the run, with his assests frozen, his loved ones watched and actively hunted by NSA agents using all the survellience technology they have available. Not knowing what is going, Dean must stay one step ahead while trying to figure out the cause of this mess.
Enemy of the State George Orwell’s 1984 A book written in 1949 has become very prophetic in regards to controlling entities manipulating our thoughts - what the public is "allowed" to think... In the year 1984, rocket bombs and rats prey on the inhabitants of the crumbling metropolis of London. Far away on the Malabar Front, a seemingly interminable war rages against Eastasia. The Ministry of Truth broadcasts ceaselessly to the population via its inescapable network of telescreens. These devices, which pervade all aspects of peoples' lives, are also capable of monitoring their every word and action. They form part of an elaborate surveillance system used by the Ministry of Love, and its dreaded agents the Thought Police, to serve their singular goal: the elimination of 'thoughtcrime'. Winston Smith is a Party worker - part of the vast social caste known as the Outer Party, the rank and file of the sprawling apparatus of government. Winston works in the Records Department of the Ministry of Truth - the section charged with modifying historical news archives for consistency. When by chance Winston uncovers incontrovertible proof that the Party is lying, he embarks on a journey of self-questioning. In doing so, he becomes a thought-criminal. Winston begins to notice that a young Party member, Julia, is watching him. She wears the distinctive sash of the ultra-zealous Anti Sex League and Winston fears that she is an informant. However, to his surprise, she reveals herself as a subversive and they embark on an illicit and dangerous relationship. This prompts Winston to explore deeper the blur between propaganda and reality. Ultimately, it leads him to O'Brien - a member of the Inner Party who sets Winston on an irreversible course of discovery.
Mad City Mad City. A freeway persuit. A domestic dispute gone over the edge. You're watching it live on TV at home, news as it happens. But wait a minute. Is the reporter on your Screen shaping the story, extending its life, making it happen? This is a fierce tale of ratings-driven TV news gone mad and a pretty accurrate view of how the majority of media and TV manipulate the masses.
Roswell Roswell. It took 350 eyewitnesses and 30 years to tell this story. Shocking, fascinating, and terrifying… because it’s true. In July of 1947, somewhere in the desert near Roswell, New Mexico, a rancher stumbles onto a crash site - and the charred remains of a strange and unidentifiable aircraft. During the next 72 hours, the United States military will seal off the site, remove all evidence of the saucer and perpetrate one of the most notorious cover-ups in the history of US government. Was that really a UFO that disappeared from the dessert and the history books almost 50 years ago? From the crash to the cover-up… to the conspiracy of the silence… one man will now risk his reputation - his life - to find out the truth.
Ants Ants. An animated movie about a worker ant named Z #4195. He strives to reconcile his own individuality with the communal work-ethic of the ant colony - "a conformity system". But faces an evil General ant who has another agenda. This film has a real twist of reality in it when you begin to understand everything that is going on.


  • Hegemony or Survival: America's Quest for Global Dominance by Noam Chomsky (A world renown voice on foreign policy.) "With relentless logic, Chomsky bids us to listen closely to what our leaders tell us--and to discern what they are leaving out... Agree with him or not, we lose out by not listening." ~ Business Week ~
  • People Before Profit by Charles Derber. Focus on the 1999 Seattle WTO summit and the problems with the World Bank, IMF and WTO.
  • The Good Fight by Ralph Nader Exposed corruption. Ralph Nader is a spark plug that won't burn out.
  • Tax Me I’m Canadian: Your money and how politicians spend it. By Mike Milke. A must read for every Canadian, Mark is a former director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.
  • Water Cures, Drugs Kill by F. Batmanghelidj, M.D. This M.D.'s findings must be investigated. The best preventive medicine to so many illnesses is water, it even cures many illnesses! The medical and pharmaceutical industries won't go near this. Why? Because there is no money in it for them!
  • Stupid White Men (Book) by Michael Moore

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