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Warning: Some of the following sites may be extreme or have links to sites that are extreme. We have researched a lot of material and deciphered what we believe to be Truth. Process the information with an open mind and don't let fear keep your head in the sand. There are many unanswered questions about many things going on and we all need these questions answered. What is the agenda of our "collective" world leaders/dictators? What do they have planned for us and our children?

9/11 Related Sites

  • 911 Blogger dot com One of, if not the busiest 911 websites on the Internet. Loaded with resources.
  • Global Outlook Magazine A 9/11 magazine loaded with extensive research about 9/11. Articles and research have been submitted from vast sources of 9/11 researchers. A great tool for 9/11 referance and sharing with uninformed people.
  • Scholars for 9/11 Truth Title says it all! Loaded with information for an inquizative mind and seeker of 9/11 facts.
  • is a website that focuses on Major Cover-Ups. On this page, you will see a timeline of events surrounding 9/11, which includes links to articles of major media sources (the "faded away" articles) that backup their information. This is a great eye opening website.
  • 911: In Plane Site Overwhelming video and graphic evidence of cover-up.
  • 911 Loose Change Official website for the most popular 9/11 film released. It has aired in numerous around the world including Australia's history channel.
  • Read the following page alone to see the Top 40 Reasons to Doubt the "Official Story" of 9/11.
  • 9/11 Research is another source worth looking into. Remember the passport that survived the WTC crashes and named all the terrorist on board the planes? Yet, all the flight recorders [which were encased/built to sustain severe heat and impact] were all damaged and revealed nothing - 2 on each plane for a total of 8 flight recorders. Are we to believe that a passport, [a piece of paper naming the terrorist] survived and the flight recorders didn't?
  • is a website dedicated to exposing the truth and recruiting others to do the same so that the 9/11 investigation will be reopened and the real criminal minds of 9/11 will come to justice. Sign their online petition online and do your part.
  • What Really Happened dot com

    Radio and Internet Radio

  • Republic Broadcast Network Real News, Real Talk, Real People. Because you can handle the Truth.
  • The Richard Syrett Show Listen to some great audio archives - free like information should be!

    Activist and News Sites

  • American Free Press The Media Is The Enemy! Find out why maverick, independent grass-roots media voices such as American Free Press have declared all-out war on the elite-controlled Big Media Monopoly in America and around the globe...
  • Freedom Force International Freedom Force International is a network of men and women from all parts of the world who are concerned over loss of personal liberty and expansion of government power.
  • FAIR is the US media's watch dog. Awesome resources for clarifying facts, specifically coming from right-wing controlled media sources. Download and listen to audio files from the "CounterSpin archives" - it's the way news should be.
  • From The Wilderness Ex LA cop Mike Ruppert has overwhelming evidence of government corruption. If 25% of our police force were like Michael, there would be no hope in hell for the bad guys to get away. His film/seminar The Truth and Lies of 911 is a must see. Download it via our ftp site.
  • GNN The Guerilla News Network. The United States' version of media warfare. Be sure to purchase their documentary and hard hitting film "Aftermath: Unanswered Questions about 911 or download it using Peer to Peer networking clients.
  • Information Clearing House News you won't find on CNN, FOXnews, ABC, or any other corporate presstitutes. Much of the sources for the information on this website is from wire-services -- exactly the same wire-services used by corporate media. The information contained in the web site is content that other U.S. news sources prefer not to provide to the American public.
  • Addicted to War For a really good understanding of the cycle of war: the lies, the ugly statistics, the role of the media, who profits and the United States' history of war, order the comic book illustration Addicted to War: Why the US can't Kick Militarism. Easy to relate to and can be read in one sitting - great for students.
  • Democracy Now! Democracy Now! is a national radio and TV show committed to bringing the voices of the marginalized to the airwaves to discuss global and local issues, including militarism.
  • Polaris Institute ...retooling citizen movements for democratic social change in an age of corporate-driven globalization. Good information source.
  • Reclaim Democracy dot Org Restoring Citizen Authority Over Corporations.
  • Union of Concerned Scientists Citizens and Scientists for Environmental Solutions.
  • The Heat is On Climate Change. Mankind's worse disaster is on the horizon. Instead of reversing it, our political leaders stand with their corporate influences all in the name of power and profit over the people... on a course that will drown us all.
  • Friends of the Earth Environmental Group.
  • Michael Moore dot Com Michael offers quite a bit of insight as to what is going on in politics. But, Michael is a "light weight" when it comes to revealing "hard core truths".
  • Canada Court Watch A program of the National Association for Public and Private Accountability (N.A.P.P.A.). "Protecting the public's interest in the administration of Justice."
  • Center for Constituional Rights The Flag says it all!

    Other Cover-ups

  • TWA Flight 800 Associated Retired Aviation Professionals independently investigate the crash of TWA Flight 800 on July 17 1996. Eyewitnesses (literally hundreds of them) went as far as putting a full page ad in the Washington Times newspaper after being discredited by the FBI and the CIA.
  • Links to Oklahoma City Bombing Early local news reporting alone exposed a lot of what had happened in Oklahoma (a video from out FTP download page proves it). The final FBI report was a complete fabrication - the Ryder Truck loaded with explosives [the only bomb and a lone bomber they say] parked well away from the Alfred P. Murrah federal building almost completely leveled it?
  • Media Cover-up All of these courageous writers were prevented by corporate media ownership from reporting major news stories. From
  • Orwell Today Here is a good site that has numerous articles that provoke thought.

    New World Order

    The following websites are "extreme", but offer solid information such as quotes from the Elite as well as news linked information re-enforced by many numerous mainstream news sources. They are not recommended viewing material for those who are seeking out facts for the first time. We live in a world where the Ruling Elite will do whatever they must do for control over the rest of us, and yes... they live amongst us - possibly in your neighbourhood! Be strong and have an open mind because some of this is, well, to put it mildly, way out there!

    Jeff Rense Program
    Illuminati Scoreboard
    Prison Planet
    Propaganda Matrix

    Educational Sites

  • The Freedom Files Well rounded site for resources about everything you need to know about what's going on. Offers independant news sources, education of your rights and protecting yourself, new world order movements, technology and how it is being used against us, exposes propaganda and much more.
  • Drug Industry's Terrorism An M.D.'s two decades of research "proves" that what the human body needs is simply more water to sustain great health. In many cases, water cures while drugs kill. Why isn't his research being made aware of through the mainstream media? The reason: it would put a serious damper on the economics of the drug and medical industry.
  • There is a Cure for Cancer Here is the last surviving clinic that was exiled to Mexico . The Hoxsey Cure's success led to clinics in 17 states across the US in the 50s, only to be shut down by the banker backed AMA.
  • Natural Person A non-profit site educating Canadians and Americans about the differences between human beings, Natural Persons and artificial persons. How the Government created your new identity and how you can reclaim you're inalienable rights. Do not attempt any of these techniques unless you know fully what you are doing and what you are up against - for educational purposes only.
  • Educate Yourself The Freedom of Knowledge, the Power of Thought. Great knowledge site with the above link linking you to information on "Chemtrails". Chemtrails is a government operation in which pathogens are being sprayed into the skys above populated areas - the proof is in the skys - have a look.
  • Secrets of the Federal Reserve Linked to American Patriots Friends Network
  • The Republic of Canada
  • Billions for the Bankers, Debts For The People. Our values of Justice and Fairness are under Peril Worldwide.