A Walk In The Park

August 2005
Police Interaction.

Driving home late one evening while talking on the phone led me to the parking lot of a small "public" park. Not being in any hurry and wanting to concentrate on the conversation, I decided to pull into this parking lot for a few minutes.

Being there not 5 minutes in a secluded area that was very quite, a noticed a vehicle sneak in slowly with its lights completely out. I just ignored it and went on with my conversation which could have been heard by anyone nearby as my windows were down.

My conversation was then interrupted by a very pretty looking female who flashed a badge at me for about one second. I will refer to her as Police Officer1. The other was a male officer (Police Officer2).

I was then asked, “What are you doing here sir?”

A little bit stunned I replied, “Sitting here talking on the phone.”

She then stated, “You are trespassing on private property! Can I see some identification?”

I ended the call…

Me: Sorry, what’s the problem?

Police Officer1: You’re trespassing on private property and I would like to see some identification.

Me: I’m not doing anything wrong, I’m just sitting here in a public park talking on the phone and I don’t like the idea of handing a stranger my personal information for no good reason.

Police Officer1: If you don’t give me your identification, I’m going to give you a ticket!

I did so reluctantly not liking the alternative.

Police Officer1: Do you have any criminal records?

Me: No.

The police officers then circled my vehicle shining their flashlights into it (without my permission). Moving to the back of the vehicle, they then called it in via radio to checkout who I am. This took a few minutes and then they were back at my window.

Police Officer1: Here's your ID sir.

Me: Do you have a card on you? I’d like to continue this conversation another time.

Police Officer1: No. I can spell it out for you though.

Me: Sure, if you don’t mind.

Police Officer1: d o u c…

Me: Could you write that down for me on your note pad, I don’t seem to have a pen handy?

Police Officer1: No I won’t…

The second police officer steps in using a ton of voice that was totally inappropriate. I had to calm him down.


Me: Hold it now. Just relax, there is no need for that. You have just intruded upon me, asking me questions and asking me for identification. I am just responding with some simple questions. I can ask questions can’t I?


Me: I’m just sitting here minding my own business and I’m just asking you a few simple questions. I’m not trying to cause any problems here. Your public servants are you or are you not? [There was silence for about 5 seconds].

Police Officer2: Leave here now!

Me: What, you won’t even answer my simple questions?

Police Officer1: Leave!

Me: Like come on, I have concerns about some issues…

The police officers then turned their backs on me and headed for their ghost car.

Me: Well wait a minute.

I immediately started my vehicle up, backed up and proceeded towards their car. I slowed down while they opened their doors up preparing to enter. I had one last thing to say and on this last comment, I tried to sound as sincere as I possibly could…

Me: Just think about whose side you’re on. That’s all I ask.

All I was trying to do was communicate with them and they just wouldn't respond. These police officers not only turned their backs on me (literally that night), they are turning their backs on people who have fought and continue to fight for our Freedoms.