Exposing Fascism

At the age of 40, I have probably been in verbal contact with about 50 police officers in the last 20 years. Many of them set bad impressions in my mind. As a teenager, there was also conflict, but I won't count those because I probably needed a kick in the ass.

I have written about two recent experiences and a few old ones. It is not my intention to cause conflict with our police officers, it is my intention to reach out to the ones that will listen [Feel free to call me and let's talk]. We need them - on our side - and they need to be reminded that they are "public servants" working in all our best interests and whose wages come from the hard working class. They shouldn't represent filthy rich corporations or corrupt governments whom they seem to protect in times of dissent and fail to arrest when they enforce unconstitutional actions.

How can you fight back? As you will see from my actions, I started questioning the police officers. You have "every right" to ask them questions, and you should, it throws corrupt (or doctrinated) ones off. The end result may be you getting fined, but fight it and make your statements count in court. Another great idea is carry a mini tape recorder with you and record any interaction with police - in Canada you should state that you are recording the conversation as the recording can't be used in court without the police officer knowing you have recorded the conversation. In the US, tape away! If you don't have a recorder, tell the police officer to write down any questions he has and get him to sign the paper he is writing it on. Get a statement from him!

My Day in Court as a "Sovereign Man"

July 31 2007 A minor speeding ticket that presented a Moral Victory.

My biggest experience with police officials.

June 14 2004 This conflict resulted in $290 in fines for doing nothing wrong. I represented myself in court and had a 3/4 victory. Shocked by the statements the officer made and by the fact it still cost me about $70, I appealed it (coming in November 2005) which cost me another $80 dollars for the transcript, not to mention the time I have spent doing all the running around as well as the gas money. Is it worth it? I would have to say yea, I'm learning something important and I am standing up for what I believe in. If we all did this, we would be keeping cops in line with their duties and corrupt ones off the force.

This goes into great detail, so the following links will categorize it all:

Other experiences with police officials.

August 2005 A minor incident in a parking lot where I questioned police officers who were questioning me.

The Early 90s Three minor incidences in the early 90s that really demonstrate the mentality of our police officers who feel that caring guns and badges makes them superior to us. In a fascist society, that's the power they do have.