Picture Gallery: The Pentagon on 911
Photo evidence that must not be overlooked. 911: In Plane Site and Loose Change are videos with many angles and photographic evidence that spells cover-up. Order the videos from www.911inplanesite.com and Loose Change, they are must see films! Loose Change 2nd Edition can be seen RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW ON THE WEB via You Tube/Google Video. For quick reference of video evidence (no boeing 757 hit the Pentagon) see Pentagon Strike.

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The Pentagon before Collapsing
This photo shows the Pentagon after a supposed Boeing 757 hits an outer wall of the Pentagon (before it collapsed) after creating a crater on the front lawn as told by some official sources. Where is the debris from the aircraft? Where is the hole in the side of the building that should be 3 times the size of the fire truck in view? Where is the crater in the lawn? Three big questions, one photo you will never see in the media again!

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Pentagon Pic 2 - closer view.
Same stunning question: Where is the hole made by a Boeing 757 that should be more than 75 feet wide?

ITEM 1-3
Zoomed Out View
A complete view of the impact area from the lawn of the Pentagon.

ITEM 1-4
Days After
Still no debris and the now collapsed outer wall still does not resemble a Boeing 757 impact. The area around the collapsed portion should be damaged by the wings.

ITEM 1-5
Collapsed Area - Closer View
This close up view of the collapsed area of the Pentagon shows little or no damage to any of the floors that are clearly visible. The area of the Pentagon on the left is almost completely intact - little or no fire damage from the alleged plane that was "full of fuel". And the plane's left wing would certainly have done considerable damage to that area. Again, the damage is inconsistent with what has been described by mainstream media and the official government story as you will see in the next gallery - click below.