List of Facts...

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  • The world consists of about 385 billionaires who control the majority of the world’s wealth and greatly influence the political process globally. While few help with charitable causes, the majority do not - even when major disasters occur. It is always the middle class that is preyed upon for what little it can afford to give.
  • The use of credit and debit cards provide government-accessible information and exists solely for the following 3 purposes: 1) to collect data on each and everyone of us as to what purchases we make, 2) to track our movements, and 3) to keep us in a credit system that enslaves us through debt.
  • While CEOs' pay increases by 350% (hundreds of millions), layoffs continue and poverty grows.
  • The wealthiest one percent of the world has governments doing their bidding while the remaining 99 percent have no such influence. The short form term for this is Corporate Sponsorship.
  • Corporations are out of control. Profits are before people. Profits are before environment. Profits control people. Existing penalties don't impede these corporations because the fines aren't stiff enough and they still profit.
  • In Lincoln's immortal words, "A government of the people, by the people, for the people," provides us a fair and equitable society. The liberty within a democracy is not safe as long as people tolerate the growth of private powers such as the Exxon’s, GE's, Dupont's and Fox Networks of the world.
  • While manipulated governments have legislated corporations to have "person" status, people have been manipulated by the same governments and corporations into transforming their "natural person" status to that of a "corporate entity" status via "assumpsit contracts". Examples are: drivers licenses, birth certificates, social security numbers and any other form of government issued ID. These are all contracts to pay your fees and taxes! The Common Law of the Land works on a basic principle (supreme law), "Don't do unto others what you don't want done unto you and honor all your contracts." There is absolutely no need for government ID, we have inalienable rights to go about life minding our own business. These documents relate to "corporate entities" they created to brainwash us all into "contactual" agreements with Big Brother. There has been a Great Deception inflicted upon us all!
  • Even though the Nazi's lost WWII, their near achievement of victory could not have been accomplished without the aid of big corporations/connections... including some on North American soil.
  • Corporations are government.

  • While small-crime offenders are significantly penalized, corporate criminals and government criminals who have caused millions to suffer and perish are marginally penalized, if at all.
  • A worldwide security grid is being implemented (with billions of taxpayer dollars) by people who say they are doing it to protect us from terrorism. The odds of any of us getting killed by “terrorists” are next to nil. Compare that to the leading causes of death, which includes the consumption of alcohol and tobacco that the medical and drug industries exceedingly capitalize on. We are being told to accept invasions of our privacy and to give up our liberties for this security. Benjamin Franklin said, "They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security deserve neither liberty nor security."
  • For decades, the CIA has been moving billions of dollars of cocaine into the U.S. for a number of reasons that benefit world leaders and the financial structure they have imposed upon us. These actions have helped fund covert CIA operations while keeping a crippled American population ignorant, uneducated and powerless.
  • The Bush family dynasty orignated from doing business with the Nazis.
  • Covert CIA operations include assassinations of democratic leaders who are then replaced by dictators. Many of these "ruthless" dictators have been trained by the American government (many were even trained at the School of Americas located in Fort Benning, Georgia - now under a different name but doing the exact same thing). Osama bin Laden's al Quaida network was originally funded and trained by the U.S. government. These covert CIA operations are mostly only covert to North Americans. Many Third World countries know what the CIA's covert operations entail because they are the victims. Numerous religious figures and human rights leaders have also been assassinated.
  • Our educational system trains us to enter a failing system instead of challenging us to change the world for the better. Throughout the history of the human race, we the people have always been peasants to the Elite. Many of us are pawns for their agendas.
  • In regards to the tax system, taxes have always come from the hard working middle class. Big corporations pay little or no taxes and they fund political campaigns so that the elected party returns the favor in the form of major tax breaks and corporate welfare. Therefore, by virtue of financial influence, people have little or no control over government. These government political figures label themselves as "honorable" while they constantly lie to us to get elected.
  • If we challenge government policies or even stand up for our right to know the truth, they label us as terrorists and demonize us in the public eye. Bush proclaimed "If you are not with us, you are with the terrorist." Who are the real terrorists here?
  • Most politicians and government officials are "practiced liars" who don't like being told what to do. This is who they are!
  • Most government leaders are tied to the corporate world.
  • Governments are corporations.

  • People's minds are distorted from seeing what is going on. The media talks about too many irrelevant events that the majority of people get caught-up in. Lies and half-truths with lots of spin create much confusion.
  • Small, independent sources are doing what the media should be doing, which is the hard investigation and exposition of facts. We just don't get this from mainstream media.
  • The People should own the airwaves [they built] and ongoing discussions between activists, environmentalists, poor people, etc., etc. challenging corporate elites and government - this should be taking place live on television at least 3 hours a day. This should be a constant for solutions and a rounded view of opinion that provokes thought in viewers while educating them.
  • In a democracy, people and ideas should count. Not big money and power! A few mega corporations now control the media networks and limit the voice of the people. An alternative answer to this is the Internet which, on many occasions, is demonized by the media - it is just a matter of time before this medium is controlled, ultimately eliminating free speech. A rich corporate media equals a poor democracy.
  • The corporations spend billions to promote politicians through the media "to show" the general public that the interests of the corporations and the public are the same.
  • The major media conglomerates are corporations.

    Oil/Fuel Fossils
  • Oil is nearing its peak in production.
  • Global economic growth cannot continue and, so, fuel prices will only continue to skyrocket.
  • When the depletion of this resource becomes apparent, chaos will soon follow unless a real map for change is laid out. Either way, change is inevitable. The only question that would remain is how difficult we will make it.
  • To keep the U.S. military engine dominant, the large oil reserves must be taken by force.
  • FREE Energy technology exists and is being kept from the public. Patents for such technology have even been bought by large corporations and then destroyed.

  • It wasn't a Boeing 757 or any other large aircraft that hit the Pentagon. There was little or no debris at the Pentagon crash site and the damage was very minimal as is evidenced from the photos in our gallery. Reports and explanations supplied by government (or whoever supports their story) are totally inconsistent of the video and photo evidence available to the public.
  • Near the Pentagon, a gas station and hotel had cameras aimed in the direction of the crash and probably caught the entire incident on film. Within a short period of time, government agents confiscated the film and told witnesses at the hotel to keep quiet. These videotapes (along with the many tapes from cameras that surrounded the Pentagon) would show us exactly what kind of object struck the Pentagon. But the government refuses to show us what’s on these tapes. Furthermore, why were these agents more concerned with the film and not helping in other ways? They must have known before hand that something was going to happen that needed covering up. "I've never seen what the pictures looked like, the FBI was here within minutes and took the film." ~ Jose Velasquez ~ the Gas Station Supervisor located next to the Pentagon. (Source: National Geographic News).
  • There isn't a trace of United Airlines Flight 93 to be seen in any media footage or photos, just a hole that is too small to be from any large aircraft (see photos in our gallery, videos from our FTP server and look online). No one has seen photos that demonstrate otherwise and, if a plane really crashed in PA, we would see photos that would show aircraft parts. "There is no plane." ~ Ernie Stuhl ~ the Mayor of Shanksville, who was one of the first at the seen of the crash.
  • Fighter jets were not scrambled to intercept hijacked airliners when they should have been. The fighters should have launched minutes after the first airliner flew "off of its projected course". Golfer Payne Stewart’s plane was intercepted by F-15s about 16 minutes after it went off course when he suffered a heart attack in October of 1999. [9/11 timeline: 8:45am -- an aircraft hits North Tower; 9:03am -- an aircraft hits South Tower; 9:43am -- something hits the Pentagon; 10:10am -- an aircraft(?) crashes in PA.] All 67 of NORAD's (North American Defense system) interceptions in 2001 [prior to 9/11] were successful and within minutes. What happened on September 11, 2001? Hijacking drills, which included the 9/11 targets, had F-15s scattered all over North America and the pilots confused. Dick Cheney took command of NORAD earlier in the year -- the first time a Vice President had that position.
  • The President ignored intelligence information warning of attacks days before.
  • Bin Laden family members along with about 130 Saudis were allowed to leave the country on the 13th with little or no intervention. They were the only ones able to have any kind of air passage in North America at that time.
  • The Bush family has had business ties to the Bin Laden Family for "decades" -- right up to 9/11.
  • The BBC and other sources have reported that six to nine of the 19 named hijackers are still alive. The FBI website has not made any corrections. The government has released the passenger lists of the flights. None of the hijacker’s names are on them and they (the government) have not provided any aliases either.
  • The FBI confirms that General Mahmoud Ahmad the head of Pakistan's Military Intelligence known as the Inter Services Intelligence– or ISI - their CIA) wired $100,000 to alleged lead hijacker Mohamed Atta before 9/11. From the 4th-13th of September, 2001 Ahmad met with numerous top U.S. government officials. The media reported this ISI man was having breakfast on Capital Hill with government brass on the morning of September 11 and they even stated he had links to Osama bin Laden.
  • The probability of the passport (that played a big part in naming all the hijackers) surviving the WTC crash with 7 of 8 flight recorders being completely destroyed (the recovered one revealed little or was kept secret) are astronomical.
  • Investigations from previous events such as the Kennedy assassination and the Shuttle Disasters were launched in about one week and their funding was always very high (20 to 50 million dollars). The 9/11 investigation wasn't launched until 411 days after 9/11 [and only because of pressure from victim's family members], received little funding and was internal. Henry Kissinger (who has a history of covering up previous investigations) was named the head investigator until the backlash was so great that two other individuals were renamed head investigators 20 days later. Amazingly, with the number of potential eyewitnesses available, you would think that the 9/11 commission heads would have come out and said that if anyone had any information regarding 9/11, that they please come forward, but they never did!! Compounding to this shameful commission, 70% of the questions for the panel from the victim's family members were completely ignored.
  • There are plenty of facts that have arisen from the collapse of the Twin Towers that points to explosives being placed within these buildings before hand [too many to detail.] One is the fact that engineers would have wanted to examine the disaster site to determine what exactly happened to learn more and prevent it from happening again, but they were barred from doing so - preventing evidence of explosives from being discovered? Only a certain corporation (the same one the cleaned up after the Oklahoma City bombing) was allowed to do the clean-up. In essence, the law was broken by the government for getting rid of the materials (i.e. evidence) from the crime scene, which they did expediently by loading the materials on to ships and shipping them over seas (mainly China) and sold for scrap at a low price.
  • A FEMA report on the Building 7 collapse (the collapse few know about) says it was due to fire. The 9/11 Commission Report has no explanation as to why Building 7 collapsed [as if it is a mystery to them]. In 2002, WTC lease holder Larry Silverstein revealed in an interview for a PBS 9/11 documentary, in which he evidently gave the order to "pull" [a demolition term] Building 7 to a fire chief. So, he literally told us that the building was demolished. The planning for such an endeavor takes weeks. Are we to believe that such an undertaking was accomplished in 8 hours? Now, years later after growing controversy, a Silverstein Properties spokesperson has tried to clear the air on Siverstein's statement by saying he meant "pull the firemen" out of the building (which only had a few small fires). The new controversy surrounding that statement is there were no firemen in the building. In fact, no one was in the building as was reported by at least 3 sources (including the above mentioned FEMA report).
  • New York City's chief of the Fire Department ordered a report to be conducted soon after 9/11 while it was fresh in the minds of first responders. The report is over 12,000 pages long. In it, 138 firemen were interviewed and, out of the 138, 128 described similar scenarios of explosives going off in different areas of the WTC. Some descriptions in these interviews were very distinctive in describing these explosions as indicative of pre-planted explosives.
  • Up until July 2001, the WTC buildings 1, 2 and 7 were owned by the taxpayers – government controlled. Then Larry Silverstein signed a 99-year lease with a multi-billion dollar insurance policy covering his investment from terrorist attacks. He cashed in on this with a settlement of about $7 billion in insurance claims.
  • Security changes were made at the WTC whereby Marvin Bush was a principal for Securacom (the agency that handled security at the WTC United Airlines and Dulles International Airport). John O’Neill became head of security at the WTC on September 10, 2001. O’Neill had just quit the FBI (he was a Deputy Director and was appointed chief of Counter Terrorism section). He believed that the Bush administration had stymied the intelligence agency's investigations on terrorism. His biggest obstacles in investigating Islamic terrorism were U.S. corporate oil interests, and the role played by Saudi Arabia in it. He was very vocal about this when he departed - as the media reported it. He was in the process of suing the federal government over the whole affair but died at the scene during the collapse of the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001.
  • No independent investigation groups were allowed to get involved by order of the Bush Administration soon after the event. The 9/11 Commission Report was a total white wash. Numerous key events were left out (such as the collapse of building 7). The Bush/Cheney interview was a closed session with limited questions and no documentation as they demanded that they both be interviewed at the same time (to keep their story straight?).
  • Quick facts and 9/11 videos can be found at and numerous other 9/11 sites listed there.

    Oklahoma City Bombing
    Many facts were disclosed at the time the Alfred P. Murrah Building was bombed. However, many of these facts were later repudiated by governmental investigation organizations. To name some:

  • There was more than one suspect.
  • There was more than one explosive device.
  • The bomb that did the most damage detonated from inside the Murrah Building (not the Ryder truck).
  • While it was the case that, in fact, at least two bombs exploded, two others were found as well, defused and taken away.
  • The ATF was tipped off to not come to work that day (their local office was in the building) and, when they did show up right after the bombs went off, they were in full gear which takes 30 minutes to put on.
  • Twelve cameras caught some of these indicting facts on film. They reveal this incriminating evidence but are kept from the public.
  • No independent investigation groups were allowed to participate

    Local media was on hand to witness and collect these facts as well as hundreds of nearby witnesses. The inculpatory evidence is irrefutable yet major media corporations refuse to disseminate the truth. They just hum the songs government officials sing to them. Why?

    Constitutions are the rulebook for governments written by the forefathers of nations. In the U.S., critics of the government feared the path to tyranny by means of an increasingly centralized government, so the Bill of Rights was created to protect the citizenry from tyranny and the loss of inherent rights. The Bill of Rights spells out the immunities of individual citizens to abuse and loss of freedom. The newly drafted U.S Patriot Act, was written late at night in secret and swiftly passed by Congress. At time of its passing, Congress didn't even get a chance to read it [it is about 300 pages in length, so it was probably prewritten before 9/11]. The Bush Administration passed the act on their own taking away the historic liberties created by America's forefathers. Just like that, they eliminated the 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th Amendments and damaged the 7th and 10th. It crushes the rights of the American citizenry.

    The principles delineated in Constitutions have, on many occasions, been ignored by governments and in many civil suits also. When an individual challenges the government and courts, they are met numerous times with hostility all at the taxpayers' expense.

    "To preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign or domestic" is a mainstay in the minds of many American people. Soldiers die with that single thought in mind.

    Canadians aren't even taught about their Constitution and the British North America Act of 1867, which is the foundation for the Canadian Constitution. They also aren't taught about their version of the Bill of Rights, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Many rights from countries around the world were derived from The Magna Carta of 1215 (the Great Charter), a law above the King. We simply are not taught about our rights as sovereign human beings as well as the rulebook that we are suppose to use to keep our governments in check. Democracy is undermined when a nation's people are not educated about their rights and responsibilities. Governments pass laws that are totally unlawful and unconstitutional and get away with it because the mass population of countries are kept ignorant and in fear. If Canadians were educated to be empowered to "Stand on Guard for Thee (i.e. Canada)" then there would be no income tax deductions and no GST because they are totally unlawful and unconstitutional. But a government will literally get away with murder when only a mere handful stand up in protest waving a rulebook the rest of their country's citizens know little or nothing about.

    Paper Money and the Corporate Bank
    Five families control the world via its tremendous wealth. You need to know about Canada's treasonous Bank Acts and how the monetary system used to work on a gold standard. Gold holds its value and, when the banks held gold in the past, they could only loan an amount of money determined by the amount of gold they possessed based on gold's value. They couldn't conjure money. When fiat money came into effect, banks were allowed to create it from nothing and charge interest on this baseless money. The value of your money decreased and the "banksters" created their wealth and power out of thin air. It is the most blatant fraud of all history. It's the cause of wars, boom-bust cycles, inflation, depression and the prosperity of the few who control the issuance of this "debt money". Every individual needs to know about the power of the central bank. You probably don't know this (like most bank employees don't) but you have every right to withdraw every dollar you have from your chartered bank -- in Gold Coins. What if the people decided to empty their bank accounts before the banks decided not to print any more money. If this were to happen, what effect would it have? Who would be in debt to who here? Must see documentaries regarding the monetary system such as the Secret of Oz, Monopoly Men and Money as Debt are near the top of this page on the left side bar. The oldest book in the world, the Bible, states that "Money is the Root of all Evil".

    The World Trade Organization (WTO), the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank are run by extremely evil people who are not held accountable for their actions. People think that Bill Gates is the richest man in the world. He doesn't even come close! The real people who are ultimately, fantastically rich are invisible. They give nothing good to the world, yet they control everything. They make decisions that decide the fate of economies, and on many occasions, those decisions result in atrocities. Watch the film Inside Job which exposes a lot of this corruption -- the link to that film is also near the top of this page on the left side bar.

    You can learn more about these issues from the previously mentioned videos and through independent research. Do your due diligence and take responsibility with your newfound knowledge and share this information with others. Your actions will play a part in changing the world for the better.