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How to Download Videos from our FTP Server and/or the Internet (using Peer to Peer programs) if you have Highspeed

Our FTP Server

For quicker access to videos that expose the crimes of the Ruling Elite, we have made numerous films available that are indepth in their topics. These films expose the crimes mainstream media barely touches on, in fact there are numerous films about the media and why they won't go near these stories. Please read all instructions before proceding. Enjoy these actuality films, better known as Documentaries.

Be sure to download the Must See 9/11 Films. The evidence of of 9/11 cover-up is well presented and solid.

You may have problems logging on to our FTP server for a number of reasons. The easiest way to get access to the FTP Server is by clicking the FTP Site #1 link below (it has more of a selection and takes you right to the video folders). If you can't get immediate access, it may be because there are security settings within your browser that may not allow you access (one that we know of is confirming the "Use Passive FTP" setting is checked. Locate this by clicking on tools at the top of your browser, then internet options and the click on the advanced tab and locate the setting). If the following link doesn't work, you will need to download/use an FTP client. If this is the case, you can download AceFTP via this link and follow instructions below.

Click on the following link to take you to our FTP site and download a file (one at a time please) located in one of the categorized folders. Download by right clicking on files and then (depending on your operating system) click on a command similar to "save to folder" or "save target as" or even "copy" and then "paste" or save the file to the location of your choice on your computer.

FTP Site #1

FTP Site #2

For FTP Site #2 - Clicking on the link should take you directly into the ftp site, but you will be prompted for a User ID and Password - just type "" into the Used ID field and "leave the Password field blank." [If the User ID and Password field does not display, try clicking the "Refresh" button on your web browser.] The FTP sites are now located on a high bandwidth server, so the download speeds should be pretty fast. If attempting to access the FTP server a second time, you may need to "refresh" your browser. If the above link does not work and you have to use an FTP client, try AceFTP via this link. Install it. Then setup an FTP site within the program... click "New Site" and enter "nomoretyranny" for FTP Site #1 and check anonymous login with the Host Server Name being "" OR "" for FTP Site #2 in the User ID field; leave the Password field blank; and have the Host Server Name "" which is FTP Site #1 or "" which is FTP Site #2 and click connect. ["Use Passive FTP" must also be checked in this FTP program as well.] It will take you to our site. Enter a folder.

Keep in mind that certain people do not want this information reaching the mass population - their biggest fear - so this site is under constant attack. If you have any problems accessing this
FTP site, please email the webmaster.

If you are having any problems veiwing any of the video files, you may need to download the latest video and audio codecs for your PC. A video codec package is available on the FTP server which may do the job. You can also search for other codecs on the Internet to update the video and audio codecs on your comptuer system.

Peer to Peer Programs

What are Peer to Peer Programs?

Peer to Peer programs are software clients that allow files to be shared on every computer running the client software while connected to the Internet. This is a great way for people like us to get resources we don't usually hear about. [Most of us won't realize what we have until it is gone.] Videos and audios are the most popular downloads as they are safer and easier (for most) to absorb compared to reading.

As of the time that this page was written, the best client programs of the many available are: eMule and BearshareLite. You can either search for the downloadable clients at a search engine or you visit the following website that is dedicated to the peer to peer world. I have a dedicated peer to peer computer running 3 different peer to peer programs: BearshareLite, eMule and Shareaza. Some connect to other peer to peer networks other then their own.

Peer to Peer Links:

  • Helpful Peer2Peer Resources

    Once you have a client downloaded, installed and are connected to a network server, click the search button within the program and type a key word like "michael moore" into the search field - you should bring up many of the following films. Before you click the "start search" button, select video as the type of file you want to limit the search. Here is a list of other "key words" for the documentaries that you should be able to get via the peer2peer client:

    Although they are all very informative videos, the ones with the asterisk (*) beside them are recommended for viewing first. Try using 3-5 of these key words or even just one such as CBC or conspiracy. It may take awhile to actually get the whole video downloaded. Attempt to download numerous videos and check back every few days and see what has completed and other statistics. For another list of films and key words (titles), see the List of Films/Books link.

  • 9-11 in Plane Site (go to and order - must see)*
  • 9/11 Loose Change (another must see 9/11 film)*
  • David Ray Griffin live on C-Span (author of the book The New Pearl Harbour presents the 9/11 facts that expose cover-up - the facts mainstream media "choose" to ignore) must see*
  • 9/11 Painful Deceptions - more must see evidence*
  • CBC - Witness: Security Threat (it's all coming down to this - must see)*
  • The Great Conspiracy: The 9/11 news special you never saw must see*
  • The Money Masters*
  • Masters of the Universe*
  • 911 and the American Empire. David Ray Griffin live on C-Span author of the book The New Pearl Harbour*
  • Orwel Rolls in his Grave (the power of the US corporate media system)*
  • CBC - the Fifth Estate: Conspiracy Theories (CBC's the Fifth Estate)*
  • BBC - Bush Family Fortunes - BBC documentary
  • the Truth and Lies of 9-11 part 1-4 - Mike Ruppert (ex LA cop has a ton of facts to share - must see)*
  • 9-11 the Road to Tyranny (talk show radio host alex jones is a bit extreme but does offer many solid facts)
  • experienced journalists speak (clip from rise of the police state)*
  • Martial Law: 9-11 Rise of the Police State (talk show radio host alex jones)
  • CBC - the Fifth Estate - Sticks and Stones (about the US media)*
  • The Power of Nightmares part 1, 2 and 3. BBC special*
  • Federal Reserve System*
  • Media Blues - the Failed US Media System (cbc's the passionate eye)
  • anti_UN_propaganda (failures and deceptions of UN)
  • noam chomski (anything you can get on noam is good -- world renown voice on foreign policy)*
  • oklahoma city bombing - the early accurate facts (we were told timothy mcveigh and one bomb in the ryder truck leveled the building - you won't come to this conclusion watching local media news clips)*
  • alex jones interviews david schippers just after 911 (clip from The Road to Tyranny)*
  • senator byrd (85 year old senator lets it all out in the chamber)*
  • What I Learned About Foreign Policy*
  • CEO's: Take the Money and Run
  • silenced: twa flight 800 and the subversion of justice
  • michael moore on 2nd last politically incorrect
  • Plan Columbia: Cashing in on the Drug War Failure
  • Hidden Wars of Desert Storm
  • End of Suburbia: oil depletion and the collapse of the american dream*

    GNN Videos
  • Aftermath - Unanswered Questions About 9/11*
  • Aftermath - Live Panel*
  • Aftermath - Additional Interviews*
  • Crack the CIA*
  • IBM and the Nazis*
  • Countdown - with Ralph Nader
  • Cop Watch
  • Secrets of the CIA*
  • Battleground: 21 Days on the Empire's Edge
  • the Corporate Globe - Globalization*
  • Contaminated

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