My Day in Court as a "Sovereign Man"

July 31st 2007

You need to know how much "power" a Sovereign Man/Woman can have before he/she loses it to the SPP/NAU which is being done in secrecy.

My research of our corrupt system and how to address it paid off in court, not for the money purposes, but to see it happen.

A minor speeding ticket I received last year was instantly dismissed. However, that wasn't my goal – my goal was to get the police officer up on the stand under oath (even though they have already sworn an oath on day one of becoming a public servant) and ask him questions.

These questions would have been quite simple and I can provide the preliminary paper work I had created before attending court. After asking general questions of this officer's duty (specifically his main objective in "serving and protecting"), I was going to address the name on the violation ticket and address the fact that it is a "commercial policy" [policy = police – peace officer = servant] that he is enforcing. In other words a contract can only be in force and effect if both parties "agree" to the contract. I'm not sure about you, but the only contract I would agree upon is one that benefits me… and these don’t – specifically when the fees are one sided and "outrageous" at times.

Anyway… to the meat of the event… I went in there expecting them to test my knowledge and I figured I would have to play it one step at a time according to court procedure – allowing myself to get to 1st base, 2nd base, 3rd and then home plate. Well, I went to bat and cracked a home run with my opening words. Here’s what they were:

When I approached the bench I was asked to state my name, I replied:

"I am the Sovereign Man known as shawn alan cassista and I am the Secured Party Creditor for the name on these documents." (I held up the sheet that was mailed out to me from their courts illustrating the offence and time of appearance in court.)

They (the Justice of the Peace, the Court Recorder and the Prosecutor) were all looking at me when I began to speak. When I had finished saying those words, the Justice of the Peace and the Court Recorder started moving around shuffling papers as if they were looking for something and the Prosecutor was kind of doing the same with an "Um… err… uh" coming out of her. It was something to see I tell ya!

The next words were spoken by the Prosecutor and she said, "The officer has no evidence to submit at this time." The Justice of the Peace immediately interjected and said that, "The charges against SHAWN CASSISTA are to be dropped."

At that point, I interjected as everything happened so fast and asked for another date to be scheduled because I had numerous questions that I wanted to ask the officer. No such luck, the JP told me it was over and done with.

Now I would like to point out what the Prosecutor stated, that being: "The officer has no evidence to submit at this time" – this was a load of crap. I have been to court now a few times (specifically noting a fully detailed case I documented on my website), and the evidence that an officer has against anyone he issues a ticket to is "his testimony". Now the officer was there but just stepped out of the court room just before I approached the bench to tend to another matter with another defendant and the court could have easily made me wait until he got back. And I am sure that they would have if I didn’t address the court as I did.

The bottom line here IS: they do not want to have the questions that I have for them to be addressed [specifically under oath in a court room] and will avoid them at all cost as they would be held accountable for a number of things including losing their positions of power over the majority of the public ignorant to the Truth. This particular aspect of dealing with "corrupt courts" will all change when the SPP/NAU follows through. [I would also like to point out that in Alex Jones video The Road to Tyranny (near the part where they show a lady getting pulled over by police and getting arrested for questioning the police state officers), a list of all enemy combatants is illustrated – including people claiming “Common Law Status” which is our historical birth right.]

Like 9/11 Truth, the cat is out of the bag on the Truth about Sovereign Power and a number of other Truths surrounding it. And like 9/11 Truth, we need to inform the public of the facts to hang the perpetraitors and erase the system of Tyranny and revitalize our status as free common men and women. [Time is of the essence.]

To begin "reprogramming" your mind on becoming a "Free Human Being" in the world we live in today, I suggest reading the first few links on my website under the drop down list titled "Exposing the System". Those links are titled in order of appearance: 1) Meet Your Strawman, 2) Common Law and 3) Powerful Law Words.

Also, I did record the court appearance, but the sound quality was not very good and I am looking into working on it. This was from a hidden recorded I had under my shirt. I also had another cheap one in my hands "with no batteries in it" to let them know I was recording it and to see if they would take that one away from me. I will make the recording linkable from here in the near future if I can clear it up. The whole appearance from the moment I spoke until they said it was over with, lasted 60 seconds!