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I watched a film recently that really tugged on my heart strings. I believe it is an import film that everyone must watch, not only for the message, but to realize how barbaric we are as a species.

The film is called Earthlings and is narrated by Joaquin Phoenix. It brings to our attention the treatment of animals in industry – and as such, because it is industry, we too condone what is basically cruelty to animals (pure torture). This can only be seen as a reflection of human kind and if ignoring it is one’s response to the awful truth, it doesn’t change the fact that we are still accomplice to these heinous acts when we do nothing… and furthermore, when we support those industries.

The film focuses on key industries such as the pet industry, the food industry, science and the fur trade. Particularly, the food industry is as disturbing as any of the others mentioned, but what is truly shocking is how obvious it is that our food supply has become toxic with the treatment of our livestock before, during and after they are slaughtered.

I’m not going to describe anything here, but I will state that another film called, Food Inc. revealed how numerous people within the food industry who once defended their actions against government safety regulations, are now the regulators themselves…

Meaning, over the last 25 years, safety inspections and the enforcement of safety regulations have been in serious declined. Now factor in some disease statistics that were unheard of 25 years ago such as “1 in 4 people will be diagnosed with cancer in their life time” as well as “1 in 3 people will  be diagnosed with diabetes” and make the connection!

There is a well delivered message in the film, but be forewarned that Earthlings is a graphic film that may not be suitable for all ages, but at the same time our youngsters should not be kept in the dark, after all, it’s their future. Our younger generation should be targeted as it is their future to create. With a little luck, this film will make it into schools all over the globe and change will follow.

These two films can be seen online:

Earthlings can be seen in full at www.earthlings.comFood Inc. can be seen here at in full but you will have to download the player. Or you can watch it in parts by going to and googling it.

Pleeease, DO YOUR PART and pass these links and/or this blog link along to friends and family. These inhumane acts will only continue if we continue to ignore something that is completely barbaric. If one person passes the information on to a few hundred people and they do the same, eventually the information will fall into the hands of the few who really are inspired to act and make a huge difference.

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Freedom 101 – 7 of 101

A Free Man Requires A Free Mind

The previous Freedom 101 blogs should, if anything, shed a fair bit of light on what should be common knowledge. So one should wonder why it isn’t.

Is there a real possibility that there is a mind control program in play? Is it inconceivable that we have been programmed like robots to work, pay taxes and don’t ask questions?

Does the following quote sound like general acceptance by Commoners as “the way things are” or is it simply a severe case of apathy?…

“The People produce all the food, all the goods and all the services. In return, the People receive all the deficits, all the debts, all the bankruptcies, all the unemployment, all the poverty and all the taxes.” ~Confederations of Regions Party~

Consider the unbelievable size of pensions, severance packages, etc. etc. that our Public Servants obtain for their “contributions” to a system that simply sucks the life energy out of The People and what kind of feeling do you get?

In my opinion, the corrupted system has now manifested itself into a domino effect of blatant thievery! Are we programmed to accept the hands of crooks being in our pockets? This is a topic that deserves constant attention, but doesn’t. There are numerous documentary films about the mainstream media giants such as FOX, CNN, ABC and the like that put the mainstream media into perspective as it plays an integral part of how the masses are kept herded together like sheep as far as their mindset is concerned.

Here are a few of those films that I recommend as eye-openers:

Watch them and learn how the mainstream media giants influence the masses to go about their lives in a manner that allows the foundation of our freedoms to be completely eroded while criminal behavior of mammoth proportions continues.

If criminals are in office and stealing from you, committing atrocities, etc., etc., every individual [based on the fundamental principles of law] can simply write to Public Officials, state their displeasure and simply revoke their given permission to be governed and taxed. It’s the law that empowers The People. What would the general result be from such actions? The criminals in office would NOT be there very long and it wouldn’t be very long before someone who actually does represent our best interest is.

(Something unprecedented has occurred in Toronto, Canada with newly elected Mayor Rob Ford now in office. He vowed to clean house of all the over spending servants and is actually doing it! A recent headline in a local newspaper read, “Ford’s first 100 days. He has done more than Miller (his predecessor) did in 7 years.” That’s the kind of representation needed and if we had it on a regular basis, I’d have no problem paying a share of taxes. Wishful thinking that such a thing would be a common occurrence?)

Where is the news in regards to the freedom movement – The People standing on guard for their liberties? There are probably loads of cases that have gone into the courts that have focused on the freedoms that are guaranteed to The People and we hear little of the details regarding these cases. This shouldn’t be happening! We should be overwhelmed with the “details” of these cases as they represent crucial education for the masses so that they can be informed when it comes to protecting their best interests as well as respecting the best interests of their fellow man. The mainstream media should represent a tool that educates the masses with real life scenarios – and to hold these out of control governments in check. News channels should dedicate hours of airtime to discussion that focuses on the fundamental issues facing the human race, and doing so with intellectual people who can articulate their ideas for solutions in a manner that the masses can understand. Eventually, the masses will catch on and start taking control of the situation themselves rather letting criminals in public office inflict their designed system upon us.

What I’m saying is, if thee Law was common knowledge [as it should be], a lot of what we see and hear about on the news today regarding the actions of many people in office would be recognized as criminal intent – acts of treason in many cases. And because we would be so well informed of the roots of our fundamental freedoms, we would not stand by as educated people and let this continue – we would take action to preserve the foundation for future generations. That knowledge would empower us and inspire us.

“Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” ~ John F. Kennedy ~

That being said, all our problems are solvable when: 1) we put an end to the oppressive system of government and revert back to the Law of the Land which is still (at the moment) in tact, but few know little of, 2) we bring sanity to the corporate world (watch the documentary The Corporation if you haven’t already), 3) we bring in an interest free currency (one local and one global) and wipe out the imaginary debt that is mostly compound interest and a scheme to defraud and enslave The People, and 4) we revamp the education system to accelerate our children’s reading skills along with a true awareness of, a) our foundational freedoms, b) our historically documented repeated failures and how to create a future that finally avoids this repetitious (and destructive) cycle from one generation to the next… once and for all, and c) everyone’s accountability to act and be a force for good in an inevitable constantly changing world – it is imperative that our young understand that if the human race doesn’t act according to the common good for all, life as we know it may very well come to a horrifying end.

The above is (in my opinion) a good starting point to focus on as it is “doable” and when these key issues are addressed, so many more issues on the table will solve themselves on their own as these main issues are the reason why so many other problems exists.

If the mainstream media were to make information such as the content within the first few Freedom 101 Blogs a regular discussion, it would bring awareness of historic case laws and the principle arguments that our freedoms were founded upon. We have hundreds of “self-evident truths” in relation to the law that have been around for hundreds of years… But no one seems to know of their existence?!? Imagine how much time and resources we would save if these self-evident truths were common knowledge (as they should be)? Instead we have a jurisdiction of man-made statutes where lawyers from a society [they swear oath to protect] focus on a legal (not lawful) system of technicalities that are written in a foreign language known as legalese.

As long as the money changers are in control, we’ll never see the light of day of the self-evident truths surrounding our undefyable natural laws. Five major corporate interest groups (artificial persons) control all the world’s major media outlets. Money controls the way the global population see the world – maintaining the status quo. The news isn’t news anymore, it’s mediocrity at its best loaded with lies and half truths as it represents a Weapon of Mass Deception while an agenda plays out behind the scene.

The Nazis Party used deceptive measures to establish their control over the people of Germany. Author Naomi Wolf (not known to speak out politically until about 5 years ago), was inspired to write a book (a documentary film followed) when an elderly friend was telling her continuously,  “They did this in Germany, they did this in Germany” meaning the many things that have played out recently that coincided with what had happened in Germany leading up to WWII. Naomi, was reluctant to believe the things her friend was saying to her but was encouraged to research it. The book and film are titled, End of America: Letter of Warning to a Patriot. The book describes the 10 Steps to Fascism based on historical analysis of not only what happened in Germany, but other historic dictatorships that came to power as well. These were “common” strategies and when it got to a certain point where established liberties were eliminated with the promise of security and Utopia, opposing voices and/or threats was eliminated in a domino effect. This behavioral attitude has been reaching similar levels at a fast pace since 9/11 (our Reichstag Fire?!?) with numerous laws and acts being passed without our knowledge and understanding, let alone our consent. (The film End Of America can be viewed here in 8 parts.)

Naomi Wolf’s comparison of these historic events to today’s key events is horrifyingly similar. She exercise’s her free speech (while she can) at speaking engagements all over the world and you would think that the mainstream media would catch on and take an unbiased interest in what she is saying to bring some awareness of some of The People’s concerns, but of course that would not be in the best interest of the corporate elite (who, again, control the media).

I believe we are on the verge of an apocalyptic event. I just hope that it doesn’t favor the few who actually have the power right now of directing the human race down “their” chosen path, because it definitely is not in the best interests of the common man and future generations. Until the number of free minds grows in numbers via word of mouth and the actions of the few free thinking men and women around us, we will be that close to remaining a dumbed down society of peasants and taxpayers that answer to criminals in office.

Can anything of the sort (history on the verge of repeating itself) take place in this era? Are there similarities of threats to the populace and the inch by inch approach a conditioning method of submission in giving up our freedoms? Have you been to the airport lately? In Nazi Germany, a common question from the masters was Haben Sie Ihre Papiere? (Do you have your papers?) If I remember correctly, not so long ago there use to be a lot of talk about a WWIII on the horizon – a war to end all wars. Inch by inch it’s a cinch.

“The people can always be brought to the bidding of their leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.”
~Nazi Reich Marshall Hermann Goering at the Nuremberg War Trials~

The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers.  ~Thomas Jefferson~

“Learn to see things as they really are, not as we imagine they are.” ~Vernon Howard~

“Just because a great many people believe in something, is no guarantee of its truth.” ~Gandhi~

“If our knowledge of the world is controlled by the media, then we live in a mediocrity.” ~Unknown~

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Freedom 101 – 6 of 101

Money Matters

For as long as I can remember, the number one cause of stress in the world has always been the status of people’s finances.

On the other hand, if you are one of the few whom has an abundance of it, does that make you superior in a world where equality is paramount and mandatory based on the fundamental principles of law? Of course not, but having that wealth gives you an enormous advantage over the average man when we live in a system of commerce or statutory jurisdiction to be exact.

To go up against any of the corporate elite or people that have the wealth that enables them to hire fast talking lawyers (who reside in a society of their own I might add) seems futile, unless you have your facts straight, know the legal process, and are armed with the fundamental principles of law that are there to protect you. In a just society and with that key knowledge you will always be on equal footing with your opponent.

This blog is about the money system and the importance of knowing its origins, however, I just wanted to clarify how much power an individual has when he/she is armed with the right knowledge no matter how many Goliaths he/she may face – remember the old adage, “knowledge is power”.

A crucial area of knowledge that must be grasped is the monetary system. If I control the money, I can control everything because anyone and everything can be bought in a world controlled by greed and corruption.

This blog could go into great detail about the money system which has basically made slaves of us all – debt slaves. And there is no difference from a slave of the past compared to a debt slave because a slave is a slave is a slave – and freedom is just the opposite of slavery. So instead of creating a huge blog, I invite you to watch the following must see films:

Let me leave you with this… If the world knew the truth about the money system right now, there would be a global revolution tomorrow!

“Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws.” ~Mayer Amschel Bauer (1744 -1812)~ Godfather of the Rothschild Banking Cartel of Europe

“There are none so enslaved than those who falsely believe themselves to be free.” ~ Geothe ~

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